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In Grouse News issue 44, an erratum SHOULD BE slipped in the text by Rocky Gutierrez summarizing the 12th Grouse Symposium in Japan, AS FOLLOW: On page 30, line 2 under headind the future MEETING DATE IN the sentence should READ ..... 2015 and not 2013. This is due to an error at the publishers.

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Grouse News (GN) is the newsletter of the Grouse Group within the Galliformes Specialist Group.
Its major task is to stimulate the exchange of information and discussion among grousers worldwide. GN welcomes short reports on all aspects of grouse biology and ecology, research and conservation. Although GN will eventually publish scientific articles, its primary function is to fill a niche that is normally not covered by refereed international journals: short articles on planned and ongoing projects, expeditions, field observations, techniques, book reviews, etc. are the items GN is most interested in. GN also provides a forum for debate on any aspects of grouse conservation.

Manuscripts for publication in GN should be sent to the Grouse News Editor, Tor Spidsø: tks.grouse(at)gmail.com
Artwork and photographs in jpg format are acceptable as long as files are kept at manageable sizes.
GN is published biannually, actually in May and December

From December 2002 , GN has been distributed also electronically by email. It is decided to distribute it only electronically from July 2003. This means that you, from now on, will not receive a paper copy of GN as earlier. But all the old paper issues of GN are available as pdf files archives to download, see left frame.


How to subscribe to GN?

As a member of the GSG, you will receive two editions of GN each year by e-mail. GN is free of charge. If you want to subscribe, please contact the Editor Tor Spidsø at tks.grouse(at)gmail.com or the GSG Chair Ilse Storch at ilse.storch(at)gmx.de

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