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The GSG offers two levels of recognition for projects that relate to the conservation of Galliformes species (including sustainable use): approval and endorsement. These are communicated by the Co-Chairs to the Principle Investigator (PI, project leader) in writing under the GSG and IUCN-SSC logos. It is important to note that as a Specialist Group of IUCN-SSC, the GSG has no capacity to act as a grant-awarding body. However project recognition by the GSG is known to affect the funding decisions (positively!) of both national and international donor agencies.

Approval may be given by the GSG to short outline proposals or expressions of interest, as are required by an increasing number of donor organisations as the first step in their grant awarding process. To be approved by the GSG, the content of these kinds of documents must reflect one or more of the research or conservation actions required for threatened species, as specified on the on the Red List website (see http://www.iucnredlist.org/ or http://www.birdlife.org/datazone/species/search). There is no special format for this GSG process as intended donors have their own instructions. The approval process is designed to be simple and quick so that donor deadlines can be met easily. Submissions will normally be processed within a week.
Please send your proposal to ilse.storch(at)wildlife.uni-freiburg.de (for grouse species) or Peter.Garson(at)ncl.ac.uk (for all other species).

Endorsement may be given by the GSG following peer-review of a fully-detailed proposal document. The review process is designed to constructive and instructive, and may result in a reviewer agreeing to become a mentor to a PI, guiding him or her over the whole process from proposal writing, through project implementation, and on to the preparation of journal articles. The links below take you to the GSG Project Proposal Form and some Guidelines. If you are completing a form for a donor, this can substitute for the GSG form, provided all the details mentioned in the GSG guidelines are covered. Peer review takes time, so do not expect this to be completed less than one month prior to a submission deadline.

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